Release notesΒΆ

v1.1.2 - 27.09.2014
Add automatic setup and deployment. Update django to 1.7 and python to 3.4
  • Fix bug in profile when images not belongs to domain gallery
  • Add check images availability command with email notification
v1.1.1 - 29.07.2014
Add registration. Change user access behavior. Need database scheme update.
  • Fix api for users
  • Fix next/previous image on shadow box on ipad
  • Add album and image count on views
  • Add form for registration request
v1.1 - 12.07.2014
Change database architecture. Need database scheme update.
The changes in database to heavy, it is recommended to dump data and create structure from scratch
  • Refactor all gallery to album
  • Split proxy user model. Now user can have multiple galleries.
  • Add access rules to allow users view hidden and private albums
v1.0.9 - 4.06.2014
Add some features to profile and improve mobile styles.
  • Fix menu links on ipad
  • Pre cache function
  • On setting gallery allow archive set child too
  • Image popup in profile list images
  • Make body on ipad more wide
v1.0.8 - 20.05.1014
Add some small features to profile. Need database scheme update.
ALTER TABLE core_gallery ADD COLUMN allow_archiving boolean NOT NULL DEFAULT true;
  • Fix bug not safe HTML_EXTRA
  • Fix bug admin gallery title unique integrity error
  • Add bulk time edit and update from exif actions for images in profile
  • Add option to allow/disallow gallery archiving
  • Add disk cache info in user profile
v1.0.7 - 26.01.1014
Fix some bugs. Move project to django 1.6
  • Fix exception in getting image cache name on wrong file path
  • Add year filter on sub galleries pages
  • Add python 3.2 support
  • Add EXTRA_HTML config variable to pass some html/js code to template
v1.0.6 - 3.01.1014
Hot critical bug fix.
  • Fix bug with worker redis connection serialization
v1.0.5 - 3.01.1014
Move project to new short address. Add slideshow module. Fix too big size vertical image. The basis for the transition to the new rest module was more simple and clear api.
Deployment: Run syncdb. Add slideshow permissions to holders to allow it in profile. Update requirements.
v1.0.4 - 10.09.1013
Change copyright view. Add deployment with new fabfile. Improve profile app. Fix some bugs and documentation.
  • Update documentation to last changes
  • Remake fabfile, add some features
  • Fix bug when with ctrl key gallery not open in new tab
  • Refactor requirements, update tastypie to v0.10.0
  • Change copyright display
  • Add some account fields to user profile
v1.0.3 - 8.08.1013
Improve profile site, fix some bugs. Remove link from preview to separate image view.
  • Fix bug when new image allowed to add to not user gallery
  • Simplified admin and profile code
  • Add auto detect image path in profile
  • Add image count in gallery profile
  • Clear and rewrite a little css
  • Remove link from preview to separate image view
v1.0.2 - 31.07.1013
Hot critical bug fix.
  • Fix bug with wrong nginx response protected url
v1.0.1 - 31.07.1013
Add choice for asc/desc gallery sorting. Plus some clean up and improvements. Need database scheme update. Need update setting file, change import statement.
ALTER TABLE core_gallery ADD COLUMN gallery_sorting smallint NOT NULL DEFAULT 1;
  • Fix not playing video from js gallery
  • Add RQ_DEBUG settings
  • Move all settings to default django.settings package
  • Edit documentation, add simple FAQ
  • Make normal back link in galleries
  • Improve logging and error handling
  • Add timezone support
v1.0.0 - 13.07.1013
First stable release. There can be some bugs and features. But all main ideas implemented and documentation ready. Look, feel, be happy :-)