Frequently Asked Questions

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General questions

It describes such as for whom, for what that application was designed.

There are a lot of services, why one more?

Yes. There are flickr, yandex photo,, google drive and plus. Some of them ugly. A lot of them have bad image quality. All of them looks like working tool, not cool photo gallery.
I do not want one more trash photo storage as a part of some service. I want service where photo is the key feature.
Also services like to add new features. And in most cases make it worse. I want stability.

Are there any comments?

No. No like button too. No comments. No any social stuff. Because all comments looks like two pattern. First “Great!” and second “Bullshit!”. So do not spend yours and authors time. If you want to talk, do it in social networks.

Management questions

It describes how to deal with service

Where image upload?

Viewer has no upload system. Only image selecting. The idea is that your hole image storage mounted from somewhere. Today images have big size, and it is too expensive to store it twice.
Maybe some day it will be support connecting to Yandex.Disk/Amazon S3/DropBox/Google Drive